A parable about suffering

Daily reading: Job 1:1-22
Monday July 4, 2016

Focus passage: A man in the land of Uz was named Job.  That man was honest, a person of absolute integrity; he feared God and avoided evil. Job 1:1

Job is not a historical book in the bible.  It presents itself more like a parable.  It is not grounded in a specific time, or place.  The land of Uz might as well be called the land of Oz. 

The story begins much like the parables of Jesus do.   There once was a man who had two sons… or a certain man hosted a large dinner and invited many people…Our story for today begins, “A man in the land of Uz was named Job.”

When we see it through the lens of a parable, we allow ourselves to suspend judgment.  With parables nothing is ever certain, depending on where we find ourselves in the moment we will learn something new about God and ourselves each time we visit the story.  With parables we are always challenged because they live in the murky grey and we want to find certainty and clarity.

Take time to re-read the first chapter, what popped out to you? 

Prayer:  God you are Holy and worthy to be praised, I lift up and name the areas in my life where I am experiencing suffering … I lift up and name the areas in the life of my family and community where there is suffering … I lift up and name the places in our world where there is suffering … help us to find your peace and comfort.  Amen.


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