Unity in Christ

Daily reading: 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:10
Sunday June 12, 2016

Focus passage: We don’t focus on the things that can be seen but on the things that can’t be seen.  The things that can be seen don’t last, but the things that can’t be seen are eternal.

Paul confronted the tendency to divide and separate people into smaller groups on a variety of levels.  What seems to have been happening in Corinth is that they not only divided based on their loyalty to a certain leader, Apollos or Peter, Christ or Paul, but also on the existing divisions that happened in society based on social standing and wealth.
While Paul preached Christ and the unification that happens in Christ, the community continued to re-segregate in a variety of ways.

Paul preaches that we have all been made new in Christ.  The old ways have fallen away.  But, as we know, change is hard, and learning to change the culture of an organization is a long process.

All that seemed to be dividing them in Paul’s eyes was temporary. Distinctions of wealth or economic statue, of social status, of belief systems before becoming part of the community, or of gender were all temporary. Distinctions between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the body are temporary.

None of these things are eternal.

Prayer: God help me to build up your kingdom today.  Help me to walk by faith and not by sight.  Guide my words and my actions.  Amen.


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