Daily reading: Acts 2:1-4
Sunday May 15, 2016

Focus passage: They were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit enabled them to speak. Acts 2:4

Today we celebrate the day that the Holy Spirit came to the gathering of believers as they worshiped on Pentecost.   The Spirit’s arrival compelled the followers of Christ out of their comfort zones and past their fear to be bold in their sharing of the Good News of Christ Jesus.  The book of Acts and the Epistles reveal the unleashing of the Spirit and a very active community in its wake. 

Take time today to celebrate the gift of the Spirit in your life and in the life of your congregation.  Be in prayer that God will continue to blow and move your congregation in the direction it needs to go.

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit come, move in and among my community of faith, stir us and awaken us to Your call in our community today.  Amen.


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