Saturday, April 16, 2016

Radical Welcome

Daily reading: Acts 3:1-10
Saturday April 16, 2016

Focus passage: They recognized him as the same one who used to sit at the temple’s Beautiful Gate asking for money.  They will filled with amazement and surprise at what had happened to him.  Acts 3:10

Radical welcome means that we are willing to change the fabric of who we are to welcome in your gifts.  The best way I can think to describe it, is to think about when a family welcomes a child into their home, each child is unique and their own uniqueness changes the fabric of the family.  

The same can be said when someone brings in a significant other into the family, in order to welcome them in fully with their own unique gifts family gatherings will change, the fabric of the family will change. 
The same can be said about congregations.  When we welcome in new people to our community, we welcome in the entire person and trust that God has gifted them with unique insight and gifts that will enhance our community.  

Maintaining the status quo has never been our call as followers of Christ.  The wind of the Spirit, goes where it chooses and we trust that God can do something meaningful with the gifts that are present in our community.

Ministry then becomes an invitation to get to know people very different than ourselves so we can learn how it is that God is moving in their lives, so we can be caught up in the wide expanse of God’s kingdom.  

Prayer:  God, help me to see those on the margins and welcome them in.  God, for those times when I am placed on the margins, give me the strength to claim my space within the community that has placed me outside, may I exhibit grace and love for those who do not see me.  Amen.

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