An uncommon gift

Daily reading: Acts 3:1-10
Thursday April 14, 2016

Focus passage: Peter said, “I don’t have any money, but I will give you what I do have.  In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, rise up and walk!”  Acts 3:7

It was common for people to offer gifts to those in need, it was part of the fabric of their religious life, like it is with our own, we are called to seek out those in need and offer help.

Peter and John, however, do not have a gift of money, silver or gold to offer to this man, they have something much different.   They noticed that he needed something more than charity; he needed to be part of a community, fully part of the community. In that moment Peter offers to this man healing and inclusion.  Peter says “in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, rise up and walk!”

And what happens next is extraordinary, he is able to get up to walk, to jump, and he enters into the temple with Peter and John, a place that he had never been allowed entrance to before and he leaps and praises God.  

This gift of a chance at a new life is totally unexpected.

The gift of walking is coupled with an invitation to enter the temple, not alone, by himself, but with Peter and John.  He was literally invited into the worshipping community alongside those who extended the invitation.

Prayer:  God, help me to see those on the margins and welcome them in.  God, for those times when I am placed on the margins, give me the strength to claim my space within the community that has placed me outside, may I exhibit grace and love for those who do not see me.  Amen.


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