Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Daily reading: Acts 3:1-10
Wednesday April 13, 2016

Focus passage: Meanwhile, a man crippled since birth was being carried in.  Every day, people would place him at the temple gate known as the Beautiful Gate so he could ask for money from those entering the temple.  Acts 3:2

In today’s passage a crippled man is taken to the entrance of the temple by his family daily.  And I want you to hear this.  He is then left, we don’t know where his family goes for the rest of the day, but in a real way he is separated from his family so that he can beg for alms, placed in a certain location where there will be traffic so that he can be assured of donations.  In other words, he is not placed within the temple where he might receive charity and be part of the community, no he is placed outside of it, so that he can encounter people on either their way in or their way out.  

Prayer:  God, help me to see those on the margins and welcome them in.  God, for those times when I am placed on the margins, give me the strength to claim my space within the community that has placed me outside, may I exhibit grace and love for those who do not see me.  Amen.

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