Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Daily reading: Mark 12:1-12
Wednesday March 2, 2016

Focus passage: Again the landowner sent another servant to them, but they struck him on the head and treated him disgracefully.  He sent another one; that one they killed.  The landlord sent many other servants, but the tenants beat some and killed others. Mark 12:4-5

At some point we have to wonder not only what were the tenants thinking but also what was the land owner thinking.  

My family has been binge watching “The Walking Dead” and it is so interesting to see the break down in humanity, in the face of a zombie apocalypse, so I have to admit that I see striking similarities in that show with this parable.  

The tenants are not acting normal just like the people in “The Walking Dead” do not act normal.  

We have to wonder what would drive them to beat and kill the representatives of the one who has graciously given them land to use and benefit from.  We have to wonder who would keep sending servants into that sort of situation.

Prayer:  Holy God, thank you for never giving up on me.  Help me to be a good steward of all that you have given to me.  May my words and my actions be fruitful in my community.  Amen.

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