Seen by God

Daily reading: Mark 12:28-44
Friday March 11, 2016

Focus passage: One poor widow came forward and put in two small copper coins worth a penny. Mark 12:42

God not only sees us, but invites us to see others in their need, in their struggles, in their challenges.

God challenges us to take a moment and see the working poor in our community, to see those who are oppressed, to listen to those who are not given a voice.

God challenges us to look at our values and what we place priority on in our lives.  God challenges us to examine if those values and priorities align with the commandment to love God and to love neighbor.  

Prayer:  God help me to see what is hidden and hear what I have ignored, may it open my heart more the needs all around me and in effect help mold my heart into one of a servants.  Amen.


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