Rolling away the Stone

Rolling away the Stone by Pastor Leslie
Daily reading: Mark 16:1-8
Tuesday March 29, 2016

Focus passage: They were saying to each other, “Who’s going to roll the stone away from the entrance for us?” Mark 16:3

It isn’t until the women are on their way that they realize that they haven’t brought along someone who can help them to roll away the large stone that had been placed in front of the tomb.
We’ve all been there.  You get half way across town and realize that you didn’t bring a key or you forgot the thing that you were supposed to be taking with you.  It happens when we are otherwise occupied and tired and spent.  

Amidst all of the questions in their minds one of them actually says out-loud “who will roll away the stone?”

They have overlooked something so obvious And we have been there too.  I think in order to be human in this day and age we have all at some time had this sort of experience.  And it usually happens in moments of great stress, or in meeting hurried deadlines, or when we are in a state of deep grief, that certain major things get overlooked.
“Who is going to roll away the stone?” 

What obstacles do you have in your life that hinders you from moving forward faithfully?  Take time today to name them and ask God to help you find a way forward.

Prayer: God of the resurrection, I praise you today.  Breathe new life in me.  Amen. 


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