Daily reading: Mark 12:1-12 and Isaiah 5:1-7
Thursday March 3, 2016

Focus passage: So what will the owner of the vineyard do?  He will come and destroy those tenants and give the vineyard to others. Mark 12:9

Just like in the parable we find in Isaiah there is a tipping point where the vineyard owner allows the land to be over run, the walls to be torn down, and for it to be trampled and ruined.  

Our destructive ways often lead to our own demise.  When we attempt to play God it never ends up ending well.  

Parables always, always, always challenge us.  There is always something to be learned.  There is always something that we need to work on individually and in community.  Parables are not to be consumed like we do a when we watch a movie, passively watching and reacting to what we see, no they are windows into our own lives that bring us to a point of accountability and hopefully repentance.

Prayer:  Holy God, thank you for never giving up on me.  Help me to be a good steward of all that you have given to me.  May my words and my actions be fruitful in my community.  Amen.


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