Look at the stones

Daily reading: Mark 13:1-8, 24-37
Sunday March 13, 2016

Focus passage: As Jesus left the temple, one of his disciples said to him, “Teacher, look!  What awesome stones and buildings!” Mark 13:1

There is something about our human nature where we believe that bigger must mean better.

We don’t just like the idea of super sizing our meal, but many of us order it.  I am always amazed at the movies when they try and get us to order the giant tub of popcorn and we decline, “but it’s only 50 cents more.”
This craving for bigger and better isn’t new.  The disciples notice the enormity of the temple and the other buildings.  And they point it out to Jesus, “teacher look, what big stones!”

Jesus is not dazzled by the buildings.  They will soon be a pile of rubble he tells the disciples.  

We are at a cross roads, a moment of major change in the Christian landscape.  The things that used to bring about certainty and greatness in the church for many on the outside, the exiles, the wanderers, and the nones, are now stumbling blocks.  

Prayer:  God in the uncertainty of tomorrow, help me to be alert today of your presence, instill within me faithfulness.  Amen.


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