Seeing Clearly

Daily reading: Mark 10:32-52
Wednesday February 24, 2016

Focus passage: “Whoever wants to be first among you will be the slave of all, for the Human One didn’t come to be served but rather to serve and to give his life to liberate many people.”  Mark 10:44-45

On the road to Jerusalem, James and John have clouded vision when they request to be seated at the right and left hand of Jesus.   Jesus responds by once again offering to them a model of servant leadership and in a way offers up his own mission statement, “he has come to serve not to be served and to give his life to liberate many people.”

Their actions and words remind us that our journey of faith is so often one of two steps forward and one step back.  We have these moments of clarity only to be followed by darkness and stumbling.

We find that the new state of clarity brings with it new questions and insights that tug and pull us into deeper change that we resist as we try to remake or distort Jesus in the image we see fit that does not challenge or push, so hard against, our own preconceived notions and desire for comfort and stagnation.   Two steps forward and one step back.

Prayer:  God help me to see more clearly, help me to grow in the servant ministry of Christ today.  Amen.


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