Resisting change

Daily reading: Mark 6:1-13
Tuesday February 2, 2016

Focus passage: On the Sabbath, he began to teach in the synagogue.  Many who heard him were surprised.  “Where did this man get all of this?  What’s this wisdom he’s been given?  What about the powerful acts accomplished through him?” Isn’t this the carpenter?  Isn’t he Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon?  Aren’t his sisters here with us?” They were repulsed by him and fell into sin. Mark 6:2-3

These questions point to the disconnect the towns people find with the youthful Jesus they once knew and with the man who is standing before them now.  

We find comfort in things staying the same, sometimes we don’t even want others to change, or systems to change, the way we communicate with one another to change, or how children are taught to communicate with others to change, or for church to change.  But what happens when what we cling to is actually causing us harm?

In Jesus’ hometown the answer is simple: “They were repulsed by him.”
Not the sort of family reunion we would want to be a part of by any stretch of the imagination.

Mark is telling us what we already know is true, not everyone is going to welcome Jesus.

We may wonder why would you resist someone who can bring about healing help to you and your community?  The question is quite obvious.   It is a question that is stated and implied throughout Mark’s telling.  But he doesn’t offer us an answer, perhaps because we already know the answer.  

There are times when we don’t want to change.  There are times when we don’t want to be healed, because it will cost us too much.  

Prayer: God open me up to experience you in a new way today.  Amen.


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