Knowing the Why

Daily reading: Mark 10:17-31
Thursday February 18, 2016

Focus passage: You know the commandments: Don’t commit murder.  Don’t commit adultery.  Don’t steal.  Don’t give false testimony.  Don’t cheat.  Honor your father and mother.”  “Teacher,” he responded, “I’ve kept all of these things since I was a boy.” Mark 10:19-20

You see it’s not enough to simply follow the commandments there is a reason behind each of the commandments and the underlying meaning is to create a society where love of God and love of neighbor can flourish.  The commandments take us away from self centered living and pull us into loving community.  They set parameters for all of the challenges that surely come when we live in community.
The challenge of living into the commandments isn’t to just be able to say I am not going to steal but to seek out ways to help those who are without out and share what you have with them.  The challenge isn’t just in carving out time for Sabbath rest but to take a break so that you don’t begin to live under the illusion that you alone make the world turn.  Sabbath rest then is living into the counter cultural world of God’s kingdom.

In other words it’s not enough to simply follow the commandments from a vantage point of “how do I do this” but to also know the why of the commandments “why do I do this, why do we do this?  Why does God require this of us?”  

Prayer:  God help me to let go of the situations and possessions that keep me from fully embracing and loving you and my neighbor.  Amen.


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