Being open to transformation

Daily reading: Mark 8:27-9:13
Friday February 12, 2016

Focus passage: Peter reacted to all of this by saying to Jesus, “Rabbi, it’s good that we’re here.  Let’s make three shrines – one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” Mark 9:5

As the three disciples reach the top of the mountain, Jesus’ clothes turn whiter than white, and if that wasn’t enough, Elijah and Moses appear before them as well.

I love Peter’s response.  He was the first to proclaim that he got it, he understood who Jesus was and he was the only one to put to word how he thought they all should respond to what was happening right before him. 

Rather than simply take it in, Peter wants to do something. He offers to build three dwellings for Moses, Elijah and Jesus.  He is in a way wanting to have some control over what is happening by creating a fixed place for Moses, Elijah and Jesus to remain. 
He is so focused on making sure the moment doesn’t pass too quickly that he almost misses what is happening right before his eyes.
Peter wasn’t invited along because of his amazing booth making abilities; no he was invited along so he could experience the presence of God. I know that we often do the same thing.  I know that I do.  I have these moments in my life when I desperately need God’s guidance and direction for my life and I realize that I am blocking the voice of God by having my own answers already. 
And what I find is that when I finally surrender and allow God to do the work that God needs to do in my life, while I feel relieved, I also feel unsure and someone what of control.  In those moments I try to control how much of God’s influence I’ll allow in my life. 
Have you ever found yourself doing that? Maybe it comes in the form of a bargain.  I’ll do this God if you do the other for me.  When we experience the presence of God we often try and domesticate it.  Because we might not really want to be changed or to live into the transformation that will follow if we truly are open to God’s work in our lives.

Prayer:  Gracious God help me to experience the presence of Christ in this moment and in every moment today.  Open my eyes and my ears to what is happening around me.  Amen.


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