Watching for God

Daily reading: Matthew 2:1-12
Tuesday January 5, 2016

Focus passage: When King Herod heard this, he was troubled, and everyone in Jerusalem was troubled with him. Matthew 2:3

Herod was understandably troubled by this news after all he is king, so how could a new one been born?  They had just asked King Herod “where is the King of the Jews?  We have come to worship him.”  
 Implying that someone else was king and Herod was not.   Implying that God has done something without consulting Herod first, implying that ultimately Herod is not in control.

And so he calls upon the chief priests and scribes, in other words the Biblical scholars to figure this all out.  What is so ironic is that those with access to the scriptures miss the Messiah’s birth, while the Magi who do not have the scriptures have noticed that the Messiah has been born.  
How might we miss the presence of God in our daily living?

Prayer: God of epiphanies and a-ha moments, open my eyes to your presence today.  Amen.


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