The Heavens Splitting Open

Daily reading: Mark 1:1-20
Tuesday January 12, 2o16

Focus passage: While he was coming up out of the water, Jesus saw heaven spilling open and the Spirit, like a dove, coming down on him. Mark 1:10

Mark describes the Spirit of God descending on Jesus at his baptism in a unique way.  He writes that the heavens were split open.    In Luke and Matthew’s gospel it says that the heavens were opened, implying something much more orderly, like opening a door.  Mark however describes it as a splitting, which is much more uncontrollable.

Jesus is then “forced out into the wilderness.”  Both images remind us that there is an uncontrollable aspect of God’s Spirit in our world.  The Spirit not only comforts us but also challenges us and upsets our lives in order to realign ourselves with God’s desire for creation.  Growth happens when we are pushed or as Mark describes “forced” into the unknown wilderness.

Prayer: God help me to realize your presence in my life.  May I respond by setting myself on the path to follow you.  Amen.


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