Sowing Seeds

Daily reading: Mark 4:1-34
Friday January 22, 2016

Focus passage: “Listen to this!  A farmer went out to scatter seed.” Mark 4:3

I love Jesus’ parables, they stretch us and challenge us and remind us of how unpredictable God’s presence in our world is.  The parable tells about different kinds of soils and in a very wasteful way casts the seed in all areas, on rocky soil, on a path, among plants, and on good soil. 

One way to read the parable is to see us and those around us as different kinds of soil.   I think we can be at any point in our day one of the types of soil.  We can resist the gospel message, we can allow the distractions or worries of our day choke it out, or we can embrace it.  Yet God still casts the seeds, God still loves us, God still forgives us, God still hopes.

Prayer: Help me to mend what is broken in the world.  Amen.


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