Rise up

Daily reading: Mark 5:21-43
Saturday January 30, 2016

Focus passage: Suddenly the young woman got up and began to walk around.  She was twelve years old.  They were shocked!  Mark 5:42

When Jesus arrives as Jairus’ house he encounters a crowd that is mourning.

How many situations in our lives have we already deemed to be dead? How many relationships do we give up on, realizing that there is no hope for renewal? How many institutions do we believe are dying?

Jesus took the little girl’s hand and spoke resurrection to her. 
He said “rise.” It is the same word that Jesus used when he heals Peter’s mother in law.  It is the same word Jesus uses when he heals a paralyzed man. It is the same word Jesus uses when he restores a withered man’s hand. It is the same word the angels use at the tomb
when they announce that Jesus has risen from the grave.
It is the same word Jesus speaks to us.

The invitation is given, rise even in the face of death,
believe in life. Respond to the possibility of something new rising up
out of the ashes rather than responding to death. 

Prayer: God help me to believe when it is near impossible to believe.  For the situations in my life where I can’t see a way around or forward, give me vision.  Amen.


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