Experiencing God

Daily reading: Mark 5:21-43
Monday January 25, 2016

Daily focus: They laughed at him, but he threw them all out.  Then, taking the child’s parents and his disciples with him, he went to the room where the child was.  Taking her hand, he said to her, “Talitha koum,” which means, “Young woman, get up.” Mark 5:40-41

Throughout the gospels often Jesus is greeted with a question, maybe not spoken but implied, “Why are you here?” We tend to ask a lot of rhetorical questions in our society. 

Did you mean to forget your lunch?
Does this dress make me look fat?
Do you want me to warm that up for you?

Sometimes we expect an answer. 

Sometimes we are just trying to make conversation.  Sometimes we are trying to make a point in a passive aggressive sort of way.  I think whenever it is asked or thought about Jesus about why he is here,
the question is rhetorical.  Because they already have it all figured out.  They already know how the world works and how God works in the world. 

Do you assume to know how God will answer your prayers?  Do you assume to know how needs in your neighborhood need to be met?  Have you wondered how God might meet needs in unexpected ways that help us to grow?

Prayer: God help me to believe when it is near impossible to believe.  For the situations in my life where I can’t see a way around or forward, give me vision.  Amen.


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