Dead ends

Daily reading: Mark 5:21-43
Sunday January 24, 2016

Focus passage: Jairus, one of the synagogue leaders, came forward.  When we saw Jesus he fell at his feet and pleased with him, “My daughter is about to die.  Please, come and place your hands on her so that she can be healed and live.” Mark 5:22-23

Have you noticed that so many of our shows leave us hanging at the end of each episode?  It seems even more heightened at the end of the season, so you have to wait for months before you can see any sort of resolution.

It is what keeps us coming back for more. 

We might have to wait to see the silver lining in the story, but we know it is coming.  The same can be said about our faith journey; we collectively hold onto the promise that God can and will restore life in places where there is death and decay.

What are the areas of your life where you can only see dead ends?  How might you imagine a different ending?  Be open to God crafting a new way forward that brings about healing and wholeness.

Prayer: God help me to believe when it is near impossible to believe.  For the situations in my life where I can’t see a way around or forward, give me vision.  Amen.


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