Clinging to comfort

Daily reading: Mark 6:1-13
Sunday January 31, 2016

Focus passage: Jesus left that place and came to his hometown.  His disciples followed him.  On the Sabbath, he began to teach in the synagogue.  Many who heard him were surprised.  “Where did this man get all of this?  What’s this wisdom he’s been given?  What about the powerful acts accomplished through him?” Mark 6:1-2

This past summer, my husband Dan and I traveled to the United Kingdom for part of my sabbatical.  After hiking 88 miles in northern Scotland we drove to the south of England to Canterbury.  It is where I studied during my junior year of college and I hadn’t been back since I left about 20 years prior.

I surprised myself while there because I found myself either saying out loud or thinking, this isn’t the same Canterbury that I left 20 years ago.  I had fully expected that the pubs would still be there, that I would somehow go back in time to a place that existed in the early 90s. 
I realize how ridiculous that sounds.  Why on earth did I think that Canterbury would be frozen in time?  Perhaps because there are buildings that were built hundreds and I mean 7 or 8 hundred years ago still standing and so I assumed the owners would never want to or need to change?  But the interior had changed.  

We find comfort in things staying the same.  And we may even want others to remain the same, or for society to, or organizations to, because of the comfort it brings to us. But what happens when what we cling to is actually causing us harm?

Prayer: God open me up to experience you in a new way today.  Amen.


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