Preparing the Way

Daily reading: Mark 1:1-8
Thursday December 10, 2015

Focus passage: Look, I am sending my messenger before you.  He will prepare your way. Mark 1:2b

John announces a construction project in the desert, echoing the words of Isaiah.  There is to be a highway in the desert where there once was none, valleys are to be lifted up and mountains are to be made low, the rough places are to be smoothed, in other words there is to be a massive removal of obstacles.  So I have to wonder what obstacles might be in our way? 

Notice in the passage it says that the messenger will prepare the way, God will do the hard work of removing the obstacles, we just have to be willing to let them go.

Prayer: God who calls us away from our daily routines, who desires us to follow you on unknown paths, open me to your presence today.  Amen.


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