On the margins

Daily reading: Luke 2:1-20
Thursday December 31, 2015

Focus passage: In those days Caesar Augusts declared that everyone throughout the empire should be enrolled in the tax lists. Luke 2:1

The story is set with the firm understanding that power is in Caesar’s hands and it trickles down from there.  The characters are set into motion when the census is ordered, when the registering, counting and taxing happens.

The main action however does not happen in the center of the empire, it happens on the fringe where we would expect nothing of significance to really happen.  The main action happens in this little town called Bethlehem.  It is here that we find a very young pregnant woman and her husband searching for a place to stay a place to bring their child into the world and all that they can find according to Luke is a stable, with dirty animals with just as dirty shepherds who come to visit after his birth.

Why then would God have it play out this way?  Or maybe just as importantly, what is God trying to teach us?

Prayer: God of grace and peace, God of Word made flesh, we receive your arrival with joy, eagerness, and wonder.  As we ponder and pray our way through this Christmas season, we still sit in the mystery of your coming into our daily lives.  You come to redeem us from all that is incomplete, unworthy, and broken in ourselves and in our world.  Amen.


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