Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When the odds aren't in your favor

Daily reading: 1 Kings 18:20-39
Tuesday November 10, 2015

Focus passage: Elijah said to the people, “I am the last of the LORD’s prophets, but Baal’s prophets number four hundred fifty.” 1 Kings 18:22
He says let’s first acknowledge that I am the only prophet left in Israel, so when I call upon YHWH, God, It will only be my voice.

There are 450 Baal prophets here so when they cry out Baal will hear 450 voices. 

The odds then are 450 to 1.

Elijah says, to the 450 prophets, each of us will get a bull.  You will get to choose which bull you want and you can then sacrifice the bull and put it on wood and I’ll do the same with the bull I get.

You can call on your god Baal and I’ll call on my God YHWH and we’ll see which god answers with fire.

All the people agree by saying “that’s an excellent idea!”

Of course it’s an excellent idea, there is action and intrigue built right in.  Something surely is going to happen.

Basically Elijah is making it so that Baal can’t lose.  The odds are ever in their favor, the weapon of choice is ultimately what Baal does, he is the god of thunderstorms, so literally bring it on.

But what we find is that it doesn’t work out for them in the end.  Our God YHWH, the God of the underdog, becomes like an underdog (think David against Goliath) and is triumphant!

Even when everything is stacked against God, God finds a way.

Take time today, to seek God’s will in those impossible situations in your life, in those moments when you are sure there isn’t a way out.

Prayer:  God I seek you today.  Help me in the trials of my day and let me feel your presence in the joys of my day.  Amen.

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