Monday, November 23, 2015

Seeking transformation

Daily reading: Isaiah 5:1-7
Monday November 23, 2015

Focus passage: What more was there to do for my vineyard that I haven’t done for it?  When I expected it to grow grapes, why did it grow rotten grapes? Isaiah 5:4

Instead of coming right out and describing how Judah has been unfaithful to God, Isaiah uses a parable of a vineyard owner and his crop.  This allows the audience to engage in the narrative in a new way so as to hopefully bring about a change in behavior.  This technique is frequently used throughout the Old and New Testament to shock or bring to light suddenly something strongly out of alignment.  

Is there a behavior in your life that God needs to work on?

Take time to be in prayer today about what needs to be pruned or changed in your life so that God can work in and through you.

Prayer:  God infuse me with your love so that my words and actions can be a reflection of your deep love for all of humanity.  Amen.

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