Sunday, November 22, 2015


Daily reading: Isaiah 5:1-7
Sunday November 22, 2015

Focus passage: Let me sing for my loved one a love song for his vineyard. Isaiah 5:1

Music can be quiet powerful in our lives.

There is a reason we sing together in worship.  Some theologians argue that our hymns have a more powerful means to influence our understanding of God than any other part of our worship service.
Maybe that is because we are listening, using our voices, reading and maybe even moving our bodies when we sing hymns or worship songs.  We have more of our senses engaged in the singing process.

Music invites us in and encourages us to participate.  

Regardless of the style of music you like, I’m thinking that almost all have within them the subcategory of the love song.

The parable today begins as a love song.  God’s love is the glue that keeps us together.  Even when God is frustrated with our lack of faithfulness, God still loves us.  It is a song that needs to be sung over and over again in our daily living. God loves you!

Prayer:  God infuse me with your love so that my words and actions can be a reflection of your deep love for all of humanity.  Amen.

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