More than Enough

Daily reading: Matthew 14:13-21
Monday October 5, 2015

Focus passage: Everyone ate until they were full, and they filled twelve baskets with the leftovers. Matthew 14:20

Have you ever been to a church pot luck dinner?

I am always amazed by the variety of food and how it never really seems to run out.  There are always leftovers; rarely do you bring your casserole dish home empty.

I wonder what would happen if we approached all ministry opportunities in the church in the same way we do pot luck dinners.  What would happen if we graciously welcomed everyone’s contribution as different as it is from one another's?

Each opportunity then would be “flavored” by our uniqueness; ever changing and always abundant.

Think about how we can embrace the differences we each bring to community today.

Prayer:  God take my offering, small as it might seem, and bless it so that it can have a huge impact in my community.  Amen.


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