Monday, October 19, 2015

Loss and Change

Daily reading: Ruth 1:1-17
Monday October 19, 2015

Focus passage: … In the country of Moab, Naomi had heard that the LORD has taken note of his people and given them food.  Accompanied by her two daughters-in-law, she left the place where she had been living; and they set out on the road back to Judah.” Ruth 1:6-7

In the face of the death of her husband and two grown sons, Naomi decides to make a great change in her life.  She had moved to Moab during a famine and now with no means to support herself, she travels home in hope that in Bethlehem (literal translation “house of bread”) she will find a new life.

What used to be a place that brought about life and vitality has radically changed with the loss of her family.  

Change and loss are two different things. Loss is an ending, it isn’t really an option.  Change on the other hand, while we experience loss in it, at its core is full of possibilities.

Change is chosen, loss rarely is.

In the face of great loss, Naomi chooses change and so opens herself up to the possibility of life rather than death.  She ventures out in a way that she has never before so that she can dream new dreams.

Take time to reflect on loss and change.  Share a story with someone today and/or post a comment.

God is present in our moments of loss and God is present when we dare, dream and live into change.

Prayer: God of loving kindness help me to find a way through my day where I am aware of your presence all around.  Amen.

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