Background passage: Matthew 14:13-21
Daily reading: Isaiah 55:1-5
Tuesday October 6, 2015

Focus passage: All of you who are thirsty, come to the water!  Whoever has no money, come, buy food and eat!  Without money, at no cost, buy wine and milk! Isaiah 55:1

In this passage, Isaiah dreams of a feast where both our spiritual and physical needs are met.  It happens in a point in their history when they have become used to life in Babylon and now are on the verge of returning home, to place that has been destroyed years prior by their captures.  The feast then happens back in their homeland, in a place that is stark and devastated.

Take time to think about places in your life that need restoration.

Where is it that the promise of God providing you something you can’t purchase brings hope?

Prayer:  God take my offering, small as it might seem, and bless it so that it can have a huge impact in my community.  Amen.


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