Friday, October 16, 2015


Background reading: Matthew 13:33
Daily reading: Genesis 28:10-22
Friday October 16, 2015

Focus passage: Jacob made a solemn promise: “If God is with me and protects me on this trip I’m taking, and gives me bread to eat and clothes to wear, and I return safely to my father’s household, then the LORD will be my God.” Genesis 28:20-21

Jacob is a less than ideal figure in the biblical narrative.  His name describes the way he came into the world, by grabbing onto the heal of his twin brother Esau, and how he grabs his older brother’s inheritance right out from under him and how he now is grabbing onto God out in the wilderness, without giving much back in return.

In a way his statement is one of bargain.  If you do this for me God then you can be my God, he says.

His actions remind us that while we desire God to present in our lives, we struggle with giving something back to God.  Rather than give God our best and the first, we give God our leftovers, the things we can live without.

When we embrace God’s bounty and allow our generosity come from a place of gratitude, we stop bargaining with God and allow ourselves to be transformed by God’s presence in our lives.

Prayer:  God may I embrace the bounty that you have provided in my life so that it can be a generous gift to others.  Amen.

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