From Decay to Resurrection

Background passage: Matthew 13:33
Daily reading: Romans 8:12-25
Tuesday October 13, 2015

Focus passage: Creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice – it was the choice of the one who subjected it – but in the hop that the creation itself will be set free from slavery to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of God’s children. Romans 8:20-21

Have you noticed that resurrection is all around us?  

God does not leave us in a stagnant death like state, God is every transforming, every bringing around new life and resurrection into our lives.

We see it in nature, when weeds nourished by a summer rain, defiantly pop up between the cracks in the pavement.

We see it when seeds, buried under ground grow and sprout into new life abundantly.

How do you experience resurrection in your own spiritual life?  Are you open to the new thing God is planting within you?

Prayer:  God may I embrace the bounty that you have provided in my life so that it can be a generous gift to others.  Amen.


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