Everything comes from God

Background passage: Genesis 12:1-4
Daily reading: Psalm 50:7-15
Friday October 2, 2015

Focus passage: I won’t accept bulls from your house or goats from your corrals because every forest animal already belongs to me, as do the cattle on a thousand hills. Psalm 50:9-10

Gratitude begins by recognizing that everything we have is a gift given to us from God.

Take time to slowly read the Psalm today.  Where does it speak to you?
Take a moment to write down everything that you are grateful for today.  Invite a friend to do the same have your gratitude list as a starter for conversation.

Prayer: God help me to begin from a place of deep gratitude.   May that gratefulness permeate me and fill me to the brim so I am overflowing with joy.  Amen.


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