Wrestling with God

Background passage: Luke 18:1-8
Daily reading: Genesis 32:22-31
Monday September 14, 2015

Focus passage: He said to Jacob, “What’s your name?” and he said, “Jacob.”  Then he said, “Your name won’t be Jacob any longer, but Israel, because you have struggle with God and with men and won.” Genesis 32:27-28

As we wrestle with the parable of the Judge and the Widow, we enter today into a well known story found in Genesis; the story of Jacob wrestling with an unknown man (thought to be an angel or God).
The larger context is the ongoing story of Jacob and his brother Esau.  Esau was the oldest of the twins and therefore the rightful heir to his father’s possessions; however Jacob tricks his father in his old age and receives the blessing.  An enraged Esau causes Jacob to be on the run.  After many years he prepares to meet up with his brother, not knowing if he will be greeted or hunted down.

It is into this context that Jacob wrestles all night long.
Have you wrestled with God before?

Part of our faithful response to God can be wrestling. It can also be doubting and questioning.  What we learn from this passage is that Jacob’s wrestling forever changed him.  He left it walking with a limp and with a new name, Israel (because he has struggled with God.)

Prayer: God help me to turn to you daily for guidance, discernment and support.  Amen.


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