Sunday, September 6, 2015

More than Enough

Daily reading: Matthew 20:1-16
Sunday September 6, 2015

Focus passage: Don’t I have the right to do what I want with what belongs to me?   Or are you resentful because I’m generous? Matthew 20:15

It is so easy to live with a perspective of scarcity.  I know that I feel the strain of limited hours in my day to get everything done.  I feel the strain on my household budget when my children have outgrown their clothing, or when we need to have a major fix to our home.  

The strain exists in large part because of my belief that there just isn’t enough to go around.  I pull against it and try to live in the abundance of God but it always seems to creep back into my life; lurking around the corner, ready to strike when I am stressed and strained.

In the parable for today, I am surprised by the generosity of the landowner.  It makes me see the world in a new way.  Rather than the landowner supporting a system that is fair in the sense that we earn our keep and not a penny more, we are taught that in God’s Kingdom everyone gets enough.

It forces us to recognize that we are part of the human family.
In the middle of an anxious struggle to get our fair share, grace is infused in the story, grace that reminds us that there is more than enough to go around.  Rather than grumble at the landowner’s generosity, we are invited to celebrate with our fellow workers.

Prayer: God help me to be generous and gracious today.  Amen.

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