Daily reading: Luke 18:1-8
Saturday September 19, 2015

Focus scripture: “Won’t God provide justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night?  Will he be slow to help them?” Luke 18:7

The question posed is rhetorical, we don’t have time to think of an answer before reading verse 8 which says “I tell you, he will give them justice quickly.”

One of the main themes that run throughout the entire bible is a story of God who comes and saves.  That salvation is not like the kind we think of when we see a fireman carrying a small child out of a burning building.   No it is the type of salvation that invites us to participate in it.  

The Hebrew slaves were freed from Pharaoh through the co-working of God and Moses.  God made a way forward but the people had to prepare their last meal with unleavened bread and spread the blood of a lamb on the doorpost.  They had to pack their bags and make the journey out.  Yes God made the way, but they had to carry their own bags and make each step forward into freedom.

We are called not just to think about what is just and right, but we are called to actively participate with God in making that justice come to reality.

Social justice has strong roots in our tradition.  Think again of the places in your neighborhood where justice is needed.  How can you respond to that need?

Prayer: God help me to turn to you daily for guidance, discernment and support.  Amen.


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