Justice or Love

Daily reading: Matthew 20:1-16
Monday September 7, 2015

Focus scripture: Now when those hired first came, they thought they would receive more.  But each of them also received a denarion. Matthew 

This parable pushes and pulls against our own inner struggle to see God either as a God of justice or as a God of love.

It reminds me of family dynamics when there is more than one child in a home.  While we all want our parents to love us, sometimes we reduce their love to whether or not they are fair with us.  Love then equals being treated exactly the same.

Even though we are all uniquely made, at some place we all want to be treated fairly.  Fair or just treatment then is boiled down to meaning the same treatment.            

We can hear the protest “but mom that isn’t fair!  Brother didn’t have to eat all of his peas in order to get dessert and I did!” 

You get the point?

While justice adds, weighs and measures.  Love does not.  Love is fluid and can be like grace very overwhelming. 

Where do you find yourself in the story?  Where do you find assurance?   

Where do you find challenge?

Prayer: God help me to be generous and gracious today.  Amen.


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