Thursday, September 24, 2015


Background passage: 1 Timothy 6:6-19
Daily reading: Jeremiah 32:1-15
Thursday September 24, 2015

Focus passage: So I bought the field in Anathoth from my cousin Hamael, weighed out for him seventeen shekels of silver.  I signed the deed, sealed it, had it witnessed, and weighed out the silver on the scales. Jeremiah 32:9-10

The timing of this passage happens when the Babylonian siege is imminent.   Exile is soon to be a reality. 

So in the moment when everyone’s worse nightmares are about to come true, when they are literally going to pack up and be sent away (which is the best outcome when you are taken over by military force), Jeremiah buys a field.

Just as God had shown him in a vision, his cousin Hanamel comes to him and offers to sell him a field in Anathoth.  Jeremiah then goes through all the proper channels legally in order to purchase the field for 17 shekels of silver.

This isn’t really sound financial advice.  I mean who buys when the stock market is plummeting and all signs are pointing toward an economic depression?

Jeremiah didn’t buy the field for his own benefit.   No he most likely did it for two reasons.  One practical reason is that it gave his cousin much needed finances in a desperate time.  The second is that in effect it was a sign act.  The purchase stood as a proclamation that this horrible time too would pass. 

The purchase provided hope for God’s people.  Jeremiah literally invested in the future God had in store for God’s people.  

How can you invest in the future?  How can you use what you have to bring about the joy and love of God into someone else’s life?

Prayer: God help me to embrace the bounty you have placed in my life today.  Amen.

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