Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Background passage: Genesis 12:1-4
Daily reading: Matthew 9:9-13
Wednesday September 30, 2014

Focus passage: When Jesus heard it, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do.”  Matthew 9:12

Here we have this beautiful passage that challenges us to see how the Kingdom of God is present when boundaries are crossed.  When outsiders are welcomed in and bread is broken and shared.

Stewardship is about recognizing the bounty that God has provided for us all.  God doesn’t offer to us only small amounts of love, grace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.  No, God drenches us in them all, so that we are saturated.

The religious insiders do not realize that Jesus’ calling is to heal and restore what has been broken in society.  And so we seem Jesus going to places where sick people are kept sick, where the poor remain poor, where sinners remain on the outside un-forgiven and where the marginalized have no way in.

Jesus then is a good steward of the love, mercy, grace, compassion and forgiveness that God has showered into his own life that then becomes a blessing to the sick, the poor, the sinners, and marginalized, by meeting them in their sickness, poverty, sin and marginalization.
How can you use the bounty that is in your life to bring about healing and wholeness in your own community?

Prayer: God help me to begin from a place of deep gratitude.   May that gratefulness permeate me and fill me to the brim so I am overflowing with joy.  Amen.

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