Giving Gratitude a Voice

Daily reading: Matthew 20:1-16
Tuesday September 8, 2015

Take a moment to mentally name the things that you are grateful for.  You may even want to jot them down.

Did you notice when reading the passage that we don't hear the voice of gratitude from the workers that received a full days wage but didn't work a full day?

Maybe there voices were drowned out by the 12 hour workers that were grumbling so loudly.

I have to admit that I have days like that.  I make a mental list of everything that has gone wrong.  It colors my drive home, it colors my interaction with my family, it puts me in a funk.  My grumbling then drowns out all of the wonderful things in my life, it blocks the joy that comes from being grateful.

Take time throughout your day today, to make either a mental note or physically write down everything that happens for which you are grateful.  For the things that make you grumble, look for the good in the situation.

Prayer:  Help me to be gracious and generous today.  Amen.


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