Bringing your questions

Background passage: Luke 18:1-8
Daily reading: Psalm 119:97-104
Thursday September 17, 2015

Have you ever noticed or thought about how the word Protestant has within it the root word “protest”?    We are a movement that began as a protest of the Roman Catholic Church.  Now while I fully support ecumenical (meaning the church universal) conversation, there is an element that is inherently Protestant in our bible study.  

We are by nature people that question and actively engage the biblical story.  We never assume that there will be complete agreement upon any interpretation of a story and so lively conversations ensue.  Bible study then isn’t about recited an approved answer, however just because we are called to faithfully and critically engage the passages of the bible, it does not mean that we don’t take them seriously.  

God’s commandment to love God and to love neighbor challenge us, and when lived out and thought about daily proves to make us wise.
Spend time today reading the Psalm slowly (just verses 97-104) and jot down ideas or phrases that come to mind.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of this post.

Prayer: God help me to turn to you daily for guidance, discernment and support.  Amen.


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