Welcome to the table

Daily reading: Luke 7:36-50
August 4, 2015

Focus scripture: Standing behind him at his feet and crying, she began to wet his feet with her tears.  She wiped them with her hair, kissed  them, and poured the oil on them. Luke 7:38

When eating at my grandma’s house, we all sat around the kitchen table and if the whole family was there, we sat around her two tables and around the rest of the house with trays or plates on our laps.  Stories of my father growing up with his siblings were always shared and even more stories where told after dinner as I stood elbows deep in soapy dish water washing the dishing alongside my grandma.

Everyone in the neighborhood was welcome at grandma’s regardless if they were family or not.

Her door was never locked.  The welcome always extended.

Who do you invite to your table?

We welcome all who follow Christ at our communion table on Sunday morning.  Never sure who is going to show up, the welcome is always extended to everyone.

Prayer:  God help me to embody the spirit of hospitality.  Show me ways to give welcome to others.  Amen.


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