Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Shepherd

Background passage: Luke 15:11-32
Daily reading: Psalm 23
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Focus passage: The LORD is my shepherd.  I lack nothing. Psalm 23:1

Anytime you see LORD in all caps it means more than the word “Lord”, it indicates in the Hebrew that we are speaking about God and God alone.  In Hebrew it is written as Yahweh.  It hints at the name of God, but isn’t so that we don’t say it, especially in a way that would offend God.  And so the psalm begins by stating that the God of the universe is my shepherd and because of that I lack nothing.
The psalm goes on to explain the day of the faithful follower and how like a sheep, they imagine God’s care throughout their entire day.  All of their needs are taken care of, even when they are in the presence of their enemies.

Today I encourage you to slowly read the entire psalm a couple of times.  Which part speaks to you?  Based on what word or phrase jumps out at you, take time to think about it through your day.  If you like to journal, then take time to journal about that passage.

You can share your insight in our comment section of this posting.

Prayer: God thank you for all that I have, (name all you can think of that you have) show me ways to be generous with what I have with others. Amen.

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