Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Lost: A story about the younger son

Daily reading: Luke 15:11-32
Thursday, August 20, 2015

Focus passage: “Soon afterward, the younger son gathered everything together and took a trip to a land far away.  There, he wasted his wealth through extravagant living.” Luke 15:13

This parable asks us who is lost? 

Clearly the younger son is lost.  He takes his inheritance and goes to a distant land and becomes completely self involved by squandering away all of his money.  A famine hits the land right as his funds dry up and he finds himself in a desperate sort of situation.  His actions have in a way made him to believe that he no longer deserves to be part of his family.

It is in many ways a story that gets played out over and over throughout history.  It is what brings anxiety to parents as they raise their children, in their deep desire to instill enough practical wisdom in their children’s lives so that they won’t make such huge mistakes as to take them off and away to make really bad decisions with their resources.

Can you relate to the younger son?

How do the themes of lost, found and rejoicing play out in your life?

Prayer: God thank you for all that I have, (name all you can think of that you have) show me ways to be generous with what I have with others. Amen.

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