Caution Day 2

Daily reading: Luke 5:1-11
August 6, 2015

Focus scripture: So they dropped the nets and their catch was so huge that their nets were splitting. Luke 5:6

Have you ever tried to do something new and not got the result you were hoping to get?  So you try again and again, maybe thinking that you have to tweak what you are doing just slightly?

Or maybe you have done something before and it is just not working that it has in the past?

The fishermen have had a bad night of fishing and now Jesus tells them to go out just a little further and drop their nets into the deep water.  Even though Simon protests, he does what Jesus says and they catch so many fish their nets are splitting.

This story makes me wonder what do we need to leave behind so that we can more fully follow God?  What does God have to do in order to get our attention so that we will follow? 

God often times calls us out of our comfort zones.

Prayer:  God help infuse my day with your presence.  Amen.


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