Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Called into Community

Daily reading: Ephesians 1:3-14
August 11, 2015

Focus scripture: We have also received an inheritance in Christ.  We were destined by the plan of God, who accomplishes everything according to his design.  Ephesians 1:11

Christ compels us to be part of community and send us out in community to be a blessing.

Throughout the beginning of the letter “In Christ” or “through Christ” is a concept that is repeated over and over, along with the word “us”.  The author doesn’t point to certain people.  He doesn’t say Peter will be a blessing in Christ, or James was destined for adoption through Jesus Christ.  No he says God “has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing.”

That “us” doesn’t mean me with God and you with God and your neighbor next to you with God, on an individual level, it means God with us collectively and I think that is important to think about and live into as community surrounded and enmeshed in a culture of individualism.  

This collective community happens in and through Christ and it refocuses how we see ourselves, how we see one another, how we see our neighbors and how we see strangers in new and surprising ways.

It also refocuses how we imagine and experience God. Dan and I later stood by our closes friends as they fought to adopt their foster children. We stood by them in those darkest moments
when the outcome looked bleak and I was told by their attorney
before testifying on their behalf during Holy Week, that most likely the family would lose their foster daughter to a distant relative of her
birth father before Easter.

When it was bleak and uncertain, they did not give up and their faith community did not give up, we stood by them and supported the
family they had become and wanted to be and we celebrated with them when they won their case and were able to adopt their foster daughter and her half brother. 

My concept of family has forever changed because of what I have experienced and witnessed from adoptive parents.  So when we come to this passage in Ephesians and we read that we have been destined for adoption as God’s children before the foundation of the world, I read it through a particular lens I read it through the lens of GRACE.

We have been chosen before we even came into existence.  

Prayer: God I thank you for creating me to be part of a larger community.  Amen.

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