Friday, July 3, 2015

Unlocking our Fears

Daily reading: John 20:19-23
July 3, 2015

Focus scripture: It was still the first day of the week.  That evening, while the disciples were behind closed doors because they were afraid of the Jewish authorities, Jesus came and stood among them.  He said, “Peace be with you.” John 20:19

The Bible is full of stories of God doing the impossible, of God making a way around what seemed to be a dead end.  The resurrection is no different, in fact it is like the whole of scripture leads up to this point,
but it doesn’t end there. 
Our bibles don’t stop with the story of the empty tomb, Jesus goes before us.   Yet often times we find ourselves in a holding pattern
because we are afraid.

We are afraid of what government cut backs will do to our local economy.  How it will affect those who receive assistance from the government or pay checks from the government.

We are afraid of traveling across the border, even though things seem to be turning around.  We are afraid of leaving our comfort zones and established way of doing things, even though and perhaps because the world around us is changing rapidly.

Many of us would willingly claim to be afraid of change, especially when we are not in control of what is changing. We often fear what we do not understand.

What happens when fear grips us?

While 10 of the disciples are locked in a house, perhaps the upper room,  Jesus comes to them, passing right through the barrier they have placed to lock the world out, and he greets the disciples.

Jesus comes to them and offers them peace in the midst of their grief and distress and fear.  He offers to them a prayer for wholeness and peace.

We fear what we do not understand and Jesus responds to their fear
through his words and his actions.  Jesus breathed on them giving them the spirit of God and a new life that begins in the reality of the risen Christ. 

And then he reminds them that all that they have done in following him and learning doesn’t end here in a room locked up from the rest of the world. 

Prayer:  God I name my fears to you in this moment … take them from me so I can be unlocked from them and fully live into today.  Amen.

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