The Protection of God

Daily reading: Psalm 121
July 20, 2015
Day 3 of Hike

Focus scripture: God won’t let your foot slip.  Your protector won’t fall asleep on the job…The LORD will protect you on your journeys – whether going or coming – from now until forever from now. Psalm 121:3 & 8

As I walk with everything I brought for my trip on my back alongside my husband, we pay careful attention to our footing.  Slipping or falling and injuring ourselves would be less than ideal.

The psalmist paints an image of God who is ever present.  Take comfort in that reality.  Even when we are unable to reach people in our lives, God is present, always.

The careful rhythm of slowing down enough to pay attention to our action is contemplative in itself. 

Once again, the theme of being on a journey is present in this passage of scripture; in our coming and going God with us to protect us along the way.
With each step today, I am meditating on God being a protective presence with me.

If you have time to take a walk today, as you walk meditate on the phrase “God is my ever present protector.”

If you can’t walk far, do it with slow intentional steps inside your house.  “God is my ever present protector.”

Take time to journal your insights and write a prayer.

Prayer:  God thank you for always being present with me.  Guide my footsteps as I move forward in faithfulness today. Amen.


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