Saturday, July 18, 2015

Standing at a Crossroad

Daily reading: Jeremiah 6:16
July 18, 2015
Day 1 of Hike

Focus scripture: The LORD proclaims: Stop at the crossroads and look around; ask for the ancient paths.  Where is the good way?  Then walk in it and find a resting place for yourselves.  But you said, “We don’t go!”

For my entire life, the undercurrent of conversation in the church has been about decline in membership and interest in the church.  It quietly seeps into conversation.  We wonder what we need to do, in order to get back to the days when congregations were busting at the seams with members.  The problem is, that God doesn’t lead us back only forward.  I believe we are at a crossroads in congregational life.

Rather than trying to appeal to the unchurched, de-churched, or the done with church crowds by conforming to popular culture, God is calling us to be faithful, to follow the good way.  We stand at the crossroad wondering which path to take.  The message of Christ is the same as it was 2,000 years ago.  It is still a compelling life giving message that radically changes our life. We are called to follow the way of Christ.

Today, I, along with my husband embark on a pilgrimage journey on the Great Glen Way in Scotland.  My hope today is that as I begin this ancient spiritual practice that I can draw closer to God.

If you have the time to take a walk today, as you do,  meditate on the question “where is the good way?”

If you can’t walk far, do it with slow intentional steps inside your house.  “Where is the good way?”

Take time to journal your insights and write a prayer. 

Prayer:  God show me the good way with each step that I take forward.  Amen.

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