Daily reading: Matthew 4:12-17
July 21, 2015
Day 4 of Hike

Focus scripture: Now when Jesus heard that John was arrested, he went to Galilee… From that time Jesus began to announce, “Change your hearts and lives!  Here comes the kingdom of heaven!” Matthew 4:12 & 17

The ministry of Jesus was a ministry on the move.  His physical movement also signaled a spiritual movement that challenges us to grow in our faithfulness daily.
We are not called to lead a life of stagnant faith. 

We are called to move well beyond our zones of comfort so that we can see and experience God’s kingdom. 

As I walk today I will meditate on how God is calling me to change my heart and my life.  I invite you to join me in this.

If you have time to take a walk today, as you walk meditate on what God is calling you to change in your heart and in your life.

If you can’t walk far, do it with slow intentional steps inside your house.  “Changing my heart and life.”

Take time to journal your insights and write a prayer.

Prayer:  God I know that you are active in our world, help me to experience your presence throughout my day.  Amen.


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